Residential Security Systems

We’ll Design what You Need… To Fit your Lifestyle.

The security system you choose should be one that answers your biggest concerns. With over 30 years experience, we’ve seen it all. We have clients who bought a system to appease their insurance company. We have clients who have been concerned with stalkers. We have empty nesters who just want to sleep securely. We don’t judge. We just make sure you get what you need. For whatever reason. 

  • Safety

    Your safety matters to us. EdinAlarm’s security systems will protect you from intruders, assist during emergencies and alert you when necessary.

  • Environmental

    Detectors will be placed throughout your home to protect you from fires, drastic temperature changes and water detection.

  • Remote Access

    Forgot to turn a light off? Second guessing if you turned your alarm on? Access your thermostat, lighting and security system from anywhere.


An alarm system from EdinAlarm can provide a sense of security for everyone in your home. Whether it’s intrusion or fire, or personal monitoring for medical alerts, we all feel a little better with a little more control.


More and more people turn to EdinAlarm to watch their home while they are away for the winter or to protect their cabins. Mishaps, such as frozen and broken pipes, leaking water and failing heat supply are just a few of the costly problems we protect you from, along with fire and security.

Remote Access

EdinAlarm partners with to give clients remote access to their security system from any web-enabled device. Together we make your security system an easy-to-use tool that fits effortlessly into your lifestyle.


Home security systems traditionally use your home phone line to communicate with our Central Monitoring Station (CMS). In the absence of a home phone line, we install a dedicated cellular line. When the system is armed and a door or window opens or a motion or glass break detector trips, a signal is sent to the control panel, which is then transmitted to CMS by seizing the phone line. Once CMS has received the signal, they will call the home to confirm an emergency or false alarm by requesting password verification. If CMS doesn’t reach anyone at home, we recommend that they call one additional contact before dispatching authorities in an effort to reduce false alarms. If no one answers the call, offers an incorrect password or there is a confirmed emergency, CMS will dispatch the proper authorities and continue calling individuals on the call list until someone has been notified of the situation. While this is our standard protocol, we can adjust it depending on your preferences.

EdinAlarm systems have a stand-by battery back-up to power the control panel, designed to last approximately 30 hours. If you have traditional phone lines or a dedicated cellular back-up, like, your system will be able to communicate as long as the control panel has power. can also notify you via text or e-mail when the power goes out and is restored.

There are many ways to keep your home safe and pet-friendly. EdinAlarm can design a system to allow your pets to roam freely and keep your home secure.

Security systems are typically dependent on home phone lines to communicate with the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). If you have Voice-over IP phone lines, our system will typically be able to communicate, however it’s not as reliable as a traditional analog line.

With limited battery back-up, your modem may fail if the power goes out. If your modem fails, dial tone fails and our system will be unable to communicate with CMS. To secure homes with no phone lines or unreliable phone lines, we use’s cellular technology to ensure communication with CMS. has a host of customizable features that put you in control of your EdinAlarm system from anywhere.

To cancel a false alarm, disarm your system at the keypad and call our Central Station at 1-800-728-1169. They will ask for your name and passcode before cancelling the false alarm.

In case of a false fire alarm, disarm your system twice.

Discounts range from 5% to 20% depending on the features you’ve included in your security system and your insurance provider. Features that typically increase your discount are fire detection, intrusion, water detection, cellular back-up, and low-temperature detection.

While electrician-installed smoke detectors sound an alarm, they do not dispatch the fire department or tell you where the fire is. EdinAlarm’s monitored smoke detectors are designed to alert our Central Monitoring Station (CMS) when they sense smoke and, in turn, CMS will dispatch your local fire department. Beyond a siren, most EdinAlarm systems are equipped with a voice module, which indicates the location of the fire by sensor name. For instance, if the second floor smoke detector goes into alarm, the system will announce “Fire, Fire Second Floor Smoke!”

Every 3-5 years, depending on the types of sensors you have in your home, your system will alert you that you need to change the batteries in your sensors. At this time, we recommend scheduling an EdinAlarm technician to change all batteries, including the one in your control panel, clean and test smoke detectors as well as check the alignment of door and window sensors. The National Fire Alarm Protection Agency has determined that the useful life of a smoke detector is ten years, so we recommend replacing them at this interval. After ten years, smoke detectors may create false alarms or fail to detect smoke.

To communicate with the Central Monitoring Station (CMS), our system may seize the phone line. Once the call is made, the phone line returns to normal. To cancel a false alarm, please use your cell phone to call our CMS at 1-800-728-1169.

First, disarm your system twice at the keypad, then use your cell phone to call the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) immediately at 1-800-728-1169. Give them your name and passcode. Ask them to place all of your smoke detectors on test for the next hour while you clear out the smoke or determine the problem. CMS will not dispatch the fire department if the smoke detectors are on test.

If your system is beeping, press the (*) key to determine the problem. To silence the beeping for up to eight hours, disarm the system (even though the system may be off) by pressing 1 + CODE or DISARM + CODE. Now press the star (*) key twice.

The system beeps for a variety of reasons, including low battery, sensor failures, communication failure, power failures, and to indicate that an alarm recently occurred.

If you have a low system battery or a low battery on one of your sensors, contact us at 952-942-5276 to schedule service for you.

The instructions for changing user codes on a Concord V4 system will be available online soon.

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